Objective Supplement Reviews Available In The Philippines!

Supplements are an easy and effective way to get all the necessary elements for the human organism to stay healthy and beautiful. But the variety of supplements in the Philippines is so big that it’s sometimes hard to choose. We provide useful and interesting reviews based on the real experience of people and offer the best products for you to become happy.Say no to hair loss, yellow teeth or extra weight. Become a step closer to the person you dream to be.

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Philippines supplements: what are they and why to use them?

In a modern world we often don’t have time to eat healthy food that leads to the lack of vital components in our bodies. Work, social and personal life and environmental issues don’t always contribute to a healthy being.

Extra weight, loss of hair, low sexual appeal, yellow teeth - do these problems seem familiar to you? In most cases, one can deal with these issues that make you feel less confident with a simple solution. It’s the supplements that bring vital nutrients to enrich your body with important components to make you healthy and beautiful.


What problems can you solve with supplements?

Frightened of hair loss? Cannot lose weight even on a balanced diet? Don’t smile on photos because of the color of your teeth? Leave all these problems behind. Your organism is just signalizing you that it is not getting enough of the necessary substance from food.

Enrich your healthy diet with supplements. They are used to help your body get enough nutrients and stay healthy. You can’t always get the proper amount of vitamins, minerals and other things from the food you are eating. Moreover, organism doesn’t store some substances, so you always need to power it up with them from food or supplements.

Discover new healthy lifestyle by using supplements, correctly chosen for your diet.

Everything you need to know about supplements

Today supplements can be found everywhere: from ordinary supermarkets to pharmacies. However, not everyone knows why you need them and how to use them. So what are they and how they should be used?

What are supplements?

Supplements are products that contain important nutrients for our body. They help to increase the number of vitamins, minerals, fiber, fatty acids and amino acids for the organism. Supplements are made in pills, capsules, tablets or liquid and are used in combination with healthy diet.

Of course, using supplements can’t replace the use of nutrients from food, but they support your healthy diet and help organism to fulfill the so-called empty spots in your body with important substances.

For example, to reduce heart disease one should get some fatty acids from fish oils. Here are some other advantages of receiving nutrients:

  • Right amount of vitamin D, as well as calcium, keeps your bones strong;
  • Folic acid is an important substance for women as it decreases the risk of certain congenital disabilities;
  • Vitamin E prevents diseases of the heart and blood vessels;
  • Iron is crucial component that helps to transport, oxygen molecules to all of the cells in our body;
  • Protein is important for hair and nails. Also, it makes hormones and other body chemicals and builds block of bones, muscles, cartilage, etc.

How to use supplements?

Supplements come in various forms and formats and are used in the mouth with food intake. However, it is important to consult with your doctor or health adviser to form your individual plan of supplements usage, depending on the problems you are solving.


Is it risky to take supplements?

You should never start taking supplements without consulting with your doctor. Although they support your organism with vital substances, overuse is never a good thing, and in that case, supplements can cause some side effects. Moreover, one should be careful when using them before or after surgery, when combining them with other medicine or during pregnancy. There are two main reasons for supplements overdose: either the number of substances differs on the label and in reality, or you get enough healthy vitamins and minerals from food, so usage of supplements is not needed. That's why organism can be as well overdosed with important substances as suffer from a lack of it.

Here are some examples of side effects:

  • Surplus of iron can cause nausea and vomiting and damage liver;
  • The extensive use of vitamin B can cause diarrhea and nausea;
  • Reaching toxic level with vitamin D can be detrimental to bone health and raise blood levels;
  • Too much fish oil in your body may lead to gastrointestinal upset and an increase in bad cholesterol.

But don’t worry. As long as you follow the prescription of your doctor and combine supplements with your food right, you won’t experience any of these effects.

To sum up

Usage of supplements is very popular nowadays, because of fast rhythm of our lives, environmental problems, and individual features.Here are some pieces of advice that will help you with your healthy balanced diet with supplements:

  • Always consult with your doctor or health care adviser before starting to add supplements in your diet;
  • Check how many vital substances you get from food and supplements in order not to cause overdose and experience side effects;
  • Take supplements with your food if it is not said otherwise;
  • Make brakes in the usage of supplements in order not to become resistant to its components or addicted to it.

Despite the fast-moving world we are living in, don’t forget to look after your body to stay strong, healthy and beautiful.