Teeth whitening

Teeth Whitening: Cheap And Effective Way To Smile Like A Hollywood Star

Still look grumpy in the family photo album, because you are too shy to smile with mouth wide open? Does your teeth color bother you? Forget about it with one quick action today even at home with individual teeth whitening kit.

Don’t know much about teeth whitening? Look through our articles. Reasons for and against teeth whitening, possible side-effects, contraindications and detailed instruction to the procedure at home - you will find all you need to know in there.

It is now your time to smile widely at the world. Shine like a star, a Hollywood one.

Idol WhiteIdol Whiteidol whitefrom $ 119.99 to$ 199.99
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  • It is affordable
  • Idol white teeth whitening pen is easy to use
  • It contains blend of natural ingredients
  • Only takes a few seconds to apply
Alta WhiteAlta Whitealta whitefrom $ 119.99 to$ 199.99
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  • No messy strips or trays to wear
  • No costly dental visits
  • Helps remove plaque
  • Easy to apply in seconds
Denta SealDenta Sealdenta sealfrom $ 119.99 to$ 199.99
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  • Natural teeth whitener
  • Natural breath freshener
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  • Professionally formulated whitening
  • Easily mouldable mouth trays
  • Process accelerating LED light
  • Detailed instruction guide
Coconut SplashCoconut Splashcoconut splashfrom $ 119.99 to$ 199.99
#5 Coconut Splash
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  • Uses virgin coconut oil
  • Helps to relieves bad breath
  • Contains 14 sachets
  • Simple and discreet home regime
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Safe And Efficient: Teeth Whitening Remedies For Your Happy Being

We watch TV shows and see all these beautiful people with amazing white smile and dream to become like them one day. Well, why should we wait? Teeth whitening has never been so easy and quick as it is now. You can do the procedure at home all by yourself, and now you will find out how. And yes, it is safe.


Why Do Teeth Darken?


The main reason for our teeth change color is that they, like our skin, also have pores. When we drink coffee, eat dark berries or smoke, for example, traces of it remain in pores, and our teeth darken. To get rid of the stains you have to check it out with your doctor or try teeth whitening home remedies. Special teeth treatment substances absorb into teeth and push stains out.


One should not forget that teeth also change their color with aging. What does a tooth consist of? It is covered with enamel. Below it there is an area called dentin, which itself is yellowish. With time enamel gets thinner and dentin shows through. That is when teeth get yellow color as well.


Interestingly enough, teeth can change color if they are hit, because when injury occurs, teeth lay down more of that yellowish dentin.


Some kinds of antihistamines, antipsychotics and high blood pressure medications can darken teeth color. Moreover, if kids are given antibiotics like tetracycline and doxycycline when their teeth are forming or when they are still in the womb, they may get yellow teeth in adulthood.

How Do Teeth Whitening Remedies Work

Teeth whitening can be done at dentist’s office or home. In any case, you should always talk to the doctor before applying teeth whitening remedies, because they don’t work in all situations.

Teeth get whiter with the help of hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide that are contained in whitening remedies. This substance gets stains out of the pores for your teeth to look brighter.

Teeth whitening remedies are applied to the teeth. You can also wear a mouthpiece with a special whitening agent on your teeth. Be ready to repeat this procedure a couple of times as teeth don’t get white for the first time. For example, you will have to use mouthpieces up to several weeks.

how it works

Why Teeth Whitening May Be No Good For Me

Teeth whitening remedies break stains into pieces and take away from your teeth. But if you own caps, veneers, crowns or fillings, it won’t work. As well as your artificial tooth cannot get any whiter as it is made in harmony with the general color of your teeth.

What is worth noticing is that brown teeth do not react to the whitening remedies as good as yellow ones. And grey tone teeth may not bleach at all. Keep that in mind when deciding to whiten your teeth.

Is The Procedure Risky?

Teeth whitening is not dangerous at all. The only thing some people experience after the procedure is sensitivity, but it passes in a couple of days. It is not advised to use whitening remedies during pregnancy.

Be ready that teeth stains come back, especially if you love drinking coffee or have a habit of smoking. If you do not consume any food that leaves stains on teeth, that you won’t need to do whitening again up to a year.


To Sum Up

Teeth consist of enamel on the outside and dentin below. When enamel gets thinner, dentin is seen, and teeth get yellow color. Teeth also have pores in which stains are formed from food intake. To get rid of these stains we use teeth whitening remedies with hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide in them. Teeth whitening procedure may be done with gel or mouthpieces with special agent applied on your teeth. Usually, you have to repeat the process as teeth can not whiten for the first time. If you do not intake food that leaves stains afterward, you may enjoy the effect up to 12 months.

So are you ready to start shining like a Hollywood star on the red carpet? No more shying - be yourself and smile widely.