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How to Get a Hollywood Smile With Brilliant White

If you are reading this Brilliant White review , you, probably, have already decided to change your life for better.

The role of a perfect smile cannot be underestimated in daily life. Whatever you do, wherever you go, people are going to treat you based on the first impression. And a part of this impression, apparently, is made by snow-white teeth.

How many times have you stopped yourself from smiling genuinely, feeling shy to show your not-perfectly-white teeth? How many times you tried to save money and visit a dentist for professional whitening but failed? Perhaps, countless times.

So for how long are you going to bar yourself from enjoying the life to its fullest because of an imperfect smile?

It is time to change something. So here is a Brilliant White review, to help you understand how to get a Hollywood-like smile. But before we start, let’s look through some undeniable advantages of teeth whitening at home.

Claimed benefits of teeth whitening at home

  • It’s cheap (you don’t have to spend a lot of money at the dentist’s)
  • It’s quick (a significant result can be seen in a few days)
  • Easy to use (usually, teeth whitening kits like Brilliant White have step-by-step instructions for usage)

What is brilliant white?

Before you decide to buy Brilliant White in the Philippines, make sure you get familiar with its ingredients, effect, pros, cons and so on.

So, Brilliant White is merely a teeth whitening kit, which anyone can use at home, following simple guidelines. It can give your teeth coveted whiteness brightness.

Moreover, this kit is said to be safe for using at home, and it does not affect much the sensitivity of your teeth. Using Brilliant White, you will fast see the pleasing results, which will last you for pretty long. By the way, you are free to use it on a daily basis, before the expiry date, for sure.

When Is The Time For Using Teeth Whiteners?

  • Your teeth are not shiny anymore
  • The whiteness of your teeth has faded
  • Your teeth have become yellowish
  • You have never had white teeth since childhood by nature
  • You drink a lot of tea/coffee and smoke
  • You are done with teeth cleaning but want to improve the color
  • You are tired of ineffective supplements to toothpaste

Who should not use teeth whiteners?

  • pregnant or breastfeeding mothers
  • children under 16 years old
  • people with open mouth sores
  • people with gum disease, a worn enamel, cavities or exposed roots
  • people who use medication
  • people with mouth piercings

What does Brilliant White promise?

In this Brilliant White review, you are going to learn which ingredients help this kit to work well, what are its benefits and drawbacks and how to use it.

Note, that Brilliant White is a brand, whose manufacturers claim that the kit has been produced in a way to meet dentist requirements and help people easily reach their goal.

Brilliant White also says that it does not affect enamel and is safe for using without professional help, just the way you use shampoo for your hair at home or ordinary toothpaste.

Also, the manufacturers of this teeth whitening kit claim that the product ultimately satisfies most of their consumers.

If you use Brilliant White regularly, following the initial instructions, you will be able to enjoy a new smile, which won’t be that different from professional whitening, very soon.

Furthermore, it is said that one can use Brilliant White for minimum 30 treatments. That’s an incredible option as long as you won’t have to order a new set each time you complete the teeth whitening.

What Makes Brilliant White Give Such Great Results?

Brilliant White contains a very powerful teeth brightening ingredient Carbamide Peroxide. This agent, in its turn, comprises Hydrogen Peroxide – also a teeth whitener– at a ratio of 1:3.

Carbamide peroxide releases about half of its whitening capacity in the initial two hours after the usage. After that, it will still work for six extra hours! So the result of using Brilliant White will be better if you use it several times on a regular basis.

Moreover, Brilliant White will last you longer than any other product, which is based not on Carbamide Peroxide but on Hydrogen Peroxide, which is not very effective alone.

How does it work?

Before you start covering your teeth with this kit, make sure to brush your mouth very well. Then simply follow instructions and enjoy your smile!

Here are some details that will help you to understand why Brilliant White is so effective.

  1. Brilliant White’s main ingredient permeates through your enamel without increasing teeth sensitivity.
  2. Then, it reaches the discolored molecules.
  3. Using oxygen molecules, Carbamide Peroxide is going to demolish the core of discolored particles.
  4. Later, oxygen molecules will keep covering the tooth, reacting with discolored ones until the whole process of getting a Hollywood-smile is completed.

Also, Brilliant White contains additional ingredients, which help Carbamide Peroxide in reaching its full potential.

By the way, no side effects have been found during the usage of Brilliant White, so you can be sure it is a safe product.

Should you buy this teeth whitening kit?


  • Brilliant White is simple to use
  • It’s highly safe
  • It kills all bacteria
  • Works instantly
  • Brilliant White lasts for long
  • Your teeth will look whiter eight times than before


  • Brilliant White kit can be considered quite expensive for some people
  • The manufacturer does not disclose the dosage of ingredients

The bottom line

From the Brilliant White review, you learned that this teeth whitening kit is an ideal solution for you, especially, if you do not have enough of time or money for professional whitening.

Brilliant White works fast, its effect lasts for long, and it does not have side effects. The only tiny issue with it is that the manufacturer does not reveal the dosage of its ingredients.

Nevertheless, it is one of the best teeth whiteners available on the market. And all of that thanks to its perfect teeth whitening formula, which contains an exceptionally effective ingredient Carbamide Peroxide.

Knowing how much an astonishing smile is appreciated in your country, you will not hesitate to try out and buy Brilliant White in the Philippines.

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