Green Coffee Grains
Green Coffee Grains
  • Cholesterol health
  • Boost of serotonin
  • Appetite suppression
  • Promotes a healthy metabolism
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Green Coffee Grains Review

Regarded by many as the number one weight loss supplement in 2018, Green Coffee Grains makes many claims, including the fact that it does wonders for diminishing hunger while increasing metabolism at the same time. This, in turn, leads to some serious results when it comes to fat loss. Fat loss is not the only thing you will experience with this supplement, however. Green Coffee Grains is said to improve the immune system as well as the digestive system of its users. It brings down and helps regulate unhealthy levels of cholesterol and blood pressure, as well as increases the level of serotonin, which is in charge of making you feel good and have a positive mindset, and this is just scratching the surface.


Why Green Coffee Grains?

All natural ingredients have been used for centuries by various ancient societies, and up to this date, they remain the best and most effective way of tackling issues such as weight loss. It does not end at weight loss , of course. The all natural ingredients found in  Green Coffee Grains  enhance the body and its overall functionality from top to bottom. An improved mood, higher metabolism, stronger immune system, these are all benefits you receive by going with this supplement, and thus, guaranteeing yourself an all-natural health support supplement.

Who makes it?

Green Coffee Grains is produced by 18Nutrition Inc., which is based out of California. In addition to Green Coffee Grains , they offer their customers a lineup of highly rated weight loss products which range from all natural supplements to replacement shakes for meals. When buying any product from their lineup, you are offered a 30-day guarantee on it. Customers also receive the company's direct phone numbers, should any questions or the need for any comments or inquiries be made, as well as an email address. For emails and calls, you receive a 48-hour window where you are guaranteed a response from the company. According to customer reviews, this is all correct, and the company holds true to its claims and promises.

How does Green Coffee Grains help achieve the results

These results are possible due to HCA (Hydroxycitric Acid), which Green Coffee Grains contains. Provided by the Garcinia Cambogia in an ample amount, it has been shown to increase the overall mood of its users by increasing the levels of serotonin in the brain. HCA also serves to limit lyase production. Lyase's function in the human body is to destroy various chemical bonds. These are the same bonds that stop us from burning all the unnecessary and extra fat we have. So, in addition to not only helping us burn off all the layers of fat, but HCA also does us well by regulating and managing cortisol, the stress hormone, as well as winding down bad cholesterol levels and supporting health triglycerides.

Green Coffee Grains components

green leaves

Aloe Vera (200:1 extract)

Usually used for the treatment of burns and rashes, it improves your metabolism and rids the body of any harmful bacteria.

Gymnema Sylvestra (herb powder)

A herb that reduces blood sugar to quite an extent by reducing adrenal stimulation. It also rids the body of Oleic Acid, which is actually the primary source of fat for people.

Garcinia Cambogia (50% extract)

Added for the sake of healthy fat metabolism to take place. The original fruit is high in HCA, which means it does wonders for helping you lose some weight.

Cider Vinegar (powder)

Vinegar that is obtained from apples. It is used to regulate blood pressure and sugar levels. It also does great in reducing your overall level of appetite and hunger.


Obtained from ground up crustaceans, it serves as a fiber and is added for its hunger reducing properties as well as its effect on fat intake.

Cascara Sagrada (herb powder)

A bark that has been in use by Native Americans for its natural laxative sensation. The presence of the compound Emodin within it also helps in many ways in the fight against various cancerous diseases.

Why is Green Coffee Grains worth your money

Green Coffee Grains is ripe with actual testimonials, customer reviews, fast and effective customer service and feedback support, money back guarantees and unbiased well-conducted scientific studies to back it up. A lot of the ingredients used in the supplement, such as cider vinegar, is made into powdered form so that it is not only easier to absorb, but it also loses it's bitter and repulsing to many taste. This is one of the many signs that the company 18Nutrition Inc. knows and understands how the supplement is best put into the body and how it will work its magic. The company even developed an additional product for boosting metabolism called Vitakor, which was actually formulated alongside Green Coffee Grains and also serves to give a weight loss boost. Combining the two will give the user a synergistic blend of weight loss action.

Many customers have been shown to echo the same notion of feeling with the product as well as the customer care that the company provides - full satisfaction. With a 30-day money back guarantee, the product's buyers, both real and potential, are offered a reason for feeling secure about the purchase and the brand. When companies provide certified guarantees as such, this is usually done because they know they will not take any losses, seeing how the company knows that you will find their product useful and working. On top of all of this, the company provides a section with 9 different sources that showcase the ingredients in the supplement and how they work and benefit the user. This leaves it entirely up to the customers to make their conclusions and not have to rely on the company's good faith and words.

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